Gigi and the Glow Cover band biography

Meet Gigi Chanteuse

Seasoned Vocalist, Musician, Dancer, Entertainer, an all-around performer with a fantastic cover band. With a versatile vocal range to fit any musical style and extensive stage experience, Gigi's stage presence, dance training, vocal talent, intricate costumes, infectious energy, interaction with her audiences, musical versatility and high-energy cover band captivates audiences.

Gigi has a strong history as Arizona's number one cover band. Her background includes over 30 years experience onstage, in the arts, and accomplished in a wide array of dance, music and acting genres. Her work experience and training ranges from Musical Theater, Opera voice training, (lyric Soprano), film and stage performance, commercials and voice-overs for TV and Radio, promotional modeling and print work. As a model/talent, lead vocalist, she has been featured in both local magazines and TV commercials for various businesses/companies in Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami under the representation of Millenium Models (Phoenix) and PBTG (Tucson). Professional dance training includes Ballet, Jazz, Latin Dance, Ballroom Dance, and Flamenco.

Gigi is a veteran performer, professionally entertaining all audiences and singing lead vocals since the age of 15. As one of the most popular cover bands in Arizona, Gigi is one the most versatile performers in her local scene. Gigi's vocal range, stage training, experience & versatility allows her to perform all singing styles from Jazz to Blues, Pop to Country, Rock, and Latin music. Experience Arizona's premiere dance music cover band!


Greg Gekas

Sunday, April 2, Gigi and the Cabaret GLOW kicked off their Sunday nights at five Palms steak and seafood restaurant SHOW! Gigi and her stellar band performed with precision as they mesmerized and held a captive audience of simply happy, satisfied guests enjoying great cuisine and libations. Gigi's vocals soul-stirring. The upright bass player, the pianist and the drummer played insane! Great transitions! Obviously a group of musicians deeply invested in their love for music. Show prompted cheers and much applause from the audience. One thing about owner of five palms, Nino, he is dedicated to live music and supporting musicians. Very much appreciated.  Sunday nights at Five Palms cabaret show  Will be our new "happy place" where I can completely forget all the stresses of the week ... this was pure fun and enjoyment featuring prolific musicians, great vibes between band and audience. Encore Twist and Shout ignited cheers and applause.



Always gorgeous Gigi, you're so glamorous! Totally a star!



Most highly photogenic performer in this city.


Liz Sholley

Musical talent at its best!  Can't wait!  Thank you Five Palms.


Greg Cooper

Gigi and Daniel are truly professionals with a capital P. Overwhelmingly nice. Not only do they sound great but Gigi is a PERFORMER! Don't feel like dancing? Enjoy the show but you will dance, trust me.


David Bertoldo

Great dance band! Awesome set lists with fantastic music. Energy is thrilling at their shows. Brilliant group of musicians.


Deej Atwood

They are a great act, pure gold. When we visit Tucson we are making a mandatory stop to a show.